Winter Overall
Winter Overall
Winter Overall
Winter Overall
Winter Overall
Winter Overall
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Winter Overall

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What could be nicer when you can just put your child in a cozy warm jumpsuit in the winter time. The Overall is double-layered sewn. It can be closed with plastic snap fasteners and has a hood. The cuffs on arms and legs protect against cold wind.

Pure fulling fabric is made of 100% boiled wool. Boiled wool has a high content of natural wool grease. The wool grease makes fuller very resistant to dirt and water. In fact, well-maintained whale is quite water repellent. Would you have guessed? Pure new wool has self-cleaning properties! Woolen whale likes to be aired. This is the best way to remove odors. It is also best to let wet dirt dry first and then brush it out lightly with a soft brush.
Walk very rarely needs to be washed. Nevertheless, it may sometimes be necessary.

Wool, and therefore also whale, absorbs water vapor excellently. This also means sweat from perspiration. At the same time wool repels water vapor (hydrophobic). That's why wool is so beautifully rain-repellent. Just do the test with some water at home 🙂 Due to the hydrophobic property, wool is also often worn as a first layer on the skin during sports.
Then there is another property. The tiny hollow chambers in boiled wool. That's why boiled wool keeps you so nice and warm. The compressed fibers create these small hollow chambers. These store the heat from the body and keep cold from the outside.

0-6 month

- Rust/cognac
- Grey

- Boiled wool (100% wool)
- Oeko-Tex certified cotton jersey knit (95% Cotton 5% Elastane)
- Oeko-Tex certified cotton 1x1 ribbing ( 95% Cotton 5% Elastane)
- Plastic snaps (different colours)

Care instructions:
- boiled wool is a natural material - it is best to air it out in fresh night air or clean it with a damp cloth.
- Please do not bleach!
- Please do not put in the drum dryer. It is best to simply dry in the fresh air!
- Ironing is not really necessary. If you do it anyway, then please only on level 1.

Pure new wool should not be washed too often, because otherwise the protective wool grease washes off. Bacteria can settle due to the fiber structure of the wool and it wool grease anyway only with difficulty.

If the overall is normally soiled, it is best to air it out in fresh night air, then brush it off or clean it with a damp cloth.

If a complete cleaning is necessary, we recommend a professional textile cleaning or a very careful hand wash with a wool detergent. Do not soak the overall too long and do not wring or rub it afterwards. After rinsing, wrap in a towel, squeeze, pull into shape and dry lying down. If necessary, iron the overall under a damp cloth on level 1.

Please note that due to the different screen resolutions, small colour deviations may occur.