About the products

My products are all made with love.
I choose all fabrics and sew all the products you find on my website myself. I have no helpers.
The products you will find here are unique, ones that only exist once.

Whether I can offer a fabric with a certain motif longer depends on the dealer from whom I buy my fabrics. Since I want to orient myself towards the current trends (colours and patterns) and let my creativity run free in terms of combinations. As a result, the colours and patterns will change from time to time.

Baby/children's clothing

For the above reasons you will not find every article in all conventional sizes. As a rule of thumb, I can say in advance that lean towards pastel and gender-neutral colours and in the future, more discreet patterns will move into my store.

Only baby/children's clothes can be made on request (if I can get the desired fabric type, colour and pattern). You can find an overview of the prices under my menu item "Price list". Please contact me via my homepage, Instagram or Facebook and we will work together to see what I can create for you.