About the products

Discover Timeless Fabric Motifs: Embrace the Latest Trends!

I place a very high value on the quality of fabrics and materials that I use to create my products. They are predominantly organic cotton and/or fabrics which carry the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. The selection of colouring and patterns of the fabrics is a critical step in my process of creation. This is an aspect that I enjoy and take pride in sourcing unique patterns and colours that compliment the products I create. 99% of the fabrics are sourced from Canadian small businesses.

Dependence on the supplier determines if I can offer a fabric with a specific motif longer. This means that the colours and patterns may change periodically, but they will always be elegant and neutral.

Baby/children's clothing

Only baby/children's clothes can be made on request (if I can get the desired fabric type, colour and pattern). Please contact me via my homepage, Instagram or Facebook and we will work together to see what I can create for you. If you have a specific fabric type, colour, or pattern in mind, I can create custom baby/children's clothes just for you! Reach out to me via my homepage, Instagram, or Facebook, and we'll collaborate to bring your vision to life.