About Me


My name is Yasemin Filer and I am the owner of YASE handmade. I have been sewing baby clothes and accessories for adults for about 12 years and all the skills I have learned are self taught.

My husband (he is Canadian) and I moved from Germany to Ontario in November 2021 to begin a new adventure and chapter in our lives. Once we had relocated, we decided to invest 100% of my time and efforts into building my small business. My business was started in our small apartment in Germany and at the time of our move, was in operation for 3 years. During that period, my time was split between my full time job as a travel agent and running YASE handmade.

2022 was my first year and opportunity to be a part of the artisan/farmers markets in Ontario. It has been a wonderful experience to have so many markets around, to be able to interact with the local communities and see the smiles on visitors faces as they looked through all the products I had available.

I place a very high value on the quality of fabrics and materials that I use to create my products. They are predominantly organic cotton and/or fabrics which carry the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. The selection of colouring and patterns of the fabrics is a critical step in my process of creation. This is an aspect that I enjoy and take pride in sourcing unique patterns and colours that compliment the products I create. All fabrics are sourced from Canadian small businesses.

As you can see my products trend along the lines of being of a more neutral selection that correspond to a European/modern style. I am always looking for new products to create and am constantly updating my market stock from week to week.

In addition to the sale my products from YASE handmade, I also sell handmade products from my husband Greg, under the brand FILER HANDCRAFTED. He creates his own designs, hand cuts and hand stitches leather products and accessories.

My husband accompanies me to every market and helps with the setup and sales during each market.

Thank you for supporting a small business!

Yasemin & Greg